Christianity Under Assault

“What the Hell is Going on Out There?”

Vince Lombardi

Have you ever asked yourself this same question? Ever wondered just exactly what the “HELL” is going on out there as the great Packer coach Vince Lombardi in the clip above wanted to know when things weren’t going as they were supposed to on the football field?

Vince Lombardi was a meticulous planner and tactician, his players were well coached and were an outstanding team that could impose their will on other teams. In the X’s and O’s on the chalk board and on the practice field things work pretty well, but that’s not the case on game day. The other team seeks to impose its will on yours and they try to disrupt the game plan.

In life there’s a “game” plan. We know how things are supposed to go, we plan things to go a certain way to benefit ourselves and our families lives, however, just as on the practice field and on the chalk board with things looking good, someone, or something disrupts everything, The same holds true for society as a whole, things are supposed to work a certain way and we can adapt to the ups and downs and get on with our lives. But things going on today in America and around the world seem out of sync with the norms we have come to expect in our daily lives.  Now in the beginning of the  21st century we find ourselves asking the same question Vince Lombardi asked; “What The Hell is Goin on Out There?”.

Things are going on right now in America that defy logic as we know it, yet we can’t just seem to put our finger on it. Maybe that’s the problem. Perhaps you can’t see what is going on because you see what’s right in front of you and you aren’t looking “behind the curtain”. Why not? Because you can’t if you are worldly in your thinking and don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You say you’re a Christian and deny that spiritual warfare is a reality and going on 24/7/365. Some of you might go to church, but yet you are spiritually blinded. Some of you chose to be, others don’t realize it because the secular world throws so much at you that you get spiritual ADHD.

Thus the door is open for Satan to press the assault on the Body of Christ, and you the “Christian” are shocked to find “Christianity Under Assault” in ways and at a depth you find hard to deal with. That’s the devil’s game plan and its to disrupts God’s game plan for your life. The mission of this website is to wake people up, place Jesus Christ back in the forefront of our national conscience and return America back to one nation under God.

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