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Archbishop Fulton Sheen Describes Who Satan Really Is

Archbishop Fulton Sheen Describes Who Satan Really Is

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

In the past year I stumbled across Archbishop Fulton Sheen and have come to realize what a true man of God he was and how after 57 years on this planet what I had been missing. As a cradle Catholic and being born in Long Island, New York, I admit had no idea who he was. Archbishop Sheen was a gentle man, but from what I am learning he was also a fierce warrior of God.  My father was a career Air Force veteran and I followed and served in the Air Force for over 29 years. During that time I got to know great men and women that were true warriors and they all had a strong belief in the Almighty God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have studied military tactics, read SunTzu “the Art of War”, I studied Patton and other great warrior leaders and they all believed in a higher power. (I want to make something perfectly clear, I was not a front line troop and though I served as a First Sergeant in Air Force Special Operations units I was not an operator.) I have studied martial arts for over 48 years and there too I studied great masters and philosophy. Here I found they also understood it was a higher power that guided them. Many of these people I have come to know had some degree of humility, love of family and yet were fierce warriors. They understood their adversaries and I too studied opponents and enemies and trained as realistically as possible so I could either neutralize or defeat them.

So, now I knew the Lord’s plans for me, so I knew I had to study the adversary…..the devil,  aka Lucifer.   It was in the course of my research I came across this YouTube clip where Archbishop Fulton Sheen Describes Who Satan Really Is and Satan does not run around in red tights, hoofed feet, with horns on his head and a pitchfork in his hand as C. S. Lewis pointed out in his book; “Mere Christianity“. Today we make jokes about Satan and marginalize him which is exactly what he wants and precisely why he is the most devious and dangerous adversary ever known to man’s very existence. Bishop Sheen’s illuminating discussion will tell you who Satan is and why you need God’s help protecting yourself from him. then you can understand why he sought to destroy his any way he could and that was through the very Church Bishop Sheen knew and loved.

Who Really Is The “Real” George Soros?

Who Really Is The “Real” George Soros?

Below are a plethora of articles that explain who really is the “real” George Soros. He thrives by chaos and taking advantage of a crisis as this article from Sweetness-Light titled: Crisis Is Culmination Of Life’s Work. Now where have we heard that before? Hummm, ah that’s right Saul Alinsky disciple and former chief of staff to Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel who said; “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste”.


George Soros touts himself  as a modern “messiah”, the man with all the answers…Mr. Helpful. Ask the British about that or the families of the Jews he turned in to the Nazi’s and were sent to the concentration camps and eventually to their deaths. He spent millions to undermine the United States judicial system which the “American Justice Partnership” exposed in September 2009 and in September 2010 The Heritage Foundation had an article titled; “Hijacking Justice: The Well-Funded Campaign to Replace Judicial Elections with Selection by Liberal Special Interests” By .

 Mr. Soros may characterize himself as a “modern messiah” but you read the information below and you be the judge.

Profile of a Liberal Sociopath: Billionaire George Soros Helped Nazis Murder & Steal from Jews, Feels No Remorse or Guilt  Posted By on September 7, 2010

The REAL George Soros: An evil, despicable excuse for a human being. No wonder the libs love the POS

George Soros, Nazi Obsessive

Top 10 Reasons George Soros is Dangerous

 photo satan-2.gif

How George Soro is Nazi Obsessive

The Real Story Of How George Soros Shorted The Pound, Etching His Name Into Financial History Forever


The Soros Files

Soros, Marxism, and the “Occupy” Movement in America 
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America’s Survival, Inc. Introduces the Soros Files Project: How Billionaire George Soros Finances Marxism in America

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George Soros Funds Marxist and Pro-terrorist Lawyers.

A Special Report from Dr. Tina Trent – “From the Stalinist Communist International to the George Soros-funded Criminals Lobby: Disrupting the Courts and Frustrating Justice Under the Cover of Advancing Human Rights.”
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Remarks of Zubi Diamond to America’s Survival, Inc
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Soros-funded Media and the Glorification of the Weather Underground
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PowerPoint highlights from Soros Files conference

John Podesta, the Center for American Progress, and the Communist-friendly Modern Progressive Movement
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George Soros gives $100 million to Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch is anything but for human rights. Just like the NAACP they are a bias organization and they selectively choose what they investigate. If you are Israel, HRW blames them for just about everything that happens, to include Hamas rockets aimed at Israeli schools, HRW blames Israel. Liberal lawyer, Alan Dershowitz wrote about this in the Huffington Post in an article titled; “
The Human Rights Watch” Watch, Installment 1

If you are a conservative black person, the NAACP ignores any discrimination against them because they are conservative. 

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