downloadThe Child sex slavery industry is alive and growing in America.  This form of slavery that is growing like wild fire and the child sex slavery industry is ruthless and barbaric, once in the child risks their life when they try to get out. The police and other law enforcement agencies need more help on this issue and the one big obstacle in their way is the huge dollars this industry makes by exploiting over 300,000 of our young boys and girls. This is a $32 billion dollar industry folks, It’s not just the local pimp in the town. In the news we see politicians, media moguls and other high society types involved in this flying to islands in the Caribbean not for vacation, but
for illicit sex with minors

We see scattered stories on this problem, but the media really doesn’t give the true picture of just how fast the child sex slave industry is growing and destroying our young people’s lives. This blight on our society can be traced back to the tearing down of America’s moral fabric. The assaults on the Church and other institutions have been effective in negatively impacting our founding principles and one nation under God is looked down upon.

This and many other areas of moral decline will eventually bring America to it’s knees. When that happens people will look for answers…they need only find the nearest mirror to see the cause. We need to get involved and put a stop to this exploitation of our children and those of other nations. Human trafficking destroys lives, it destroys communities and it destroys nations. If we don’t take a stand and stop it….who will?

Below are a number of interesting articles that show the real picture.

Modern Day Slavery in America — Over 300,000 U.S. Children Fall Prey to Sex Trafficking
People may have trouble believing that child prostitution has become a national problem — but it’s on the verge of becoming out of control.

Sex trafficking exists, here in America

This Is What Modern-Day Sex Slavery In America Looks Like
11 Facts About Human Trafficking

Backpage Website Being Sued By Sex Slave Victims

Sex Trafficking Isn’t An ‘Over There’ Issue, 100,000 U.S. Kids Are Sold Into It Every Year

Child sex trafficking – as easy in Seattle as ordering a pizza …

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