The Swords of Saint Michael



  • Location                           Springfield, Missouri 65802
  • Short Description
    The Swords of Saint Michael is a not for profit Christian ministry. It was founded by Kenneth Deel and assisted by his wife Farah to confront the forces of darkness together.
  • Mission

    Mission Statement:

    We seek to be the tools that bring light to the darkness that currently rules our world. Through educational presentations, books, and investigative groundwork it is our greatest desire to defeat our enemy by arming others with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the battles already won. When two or more come together in His name, He is there.

    Spiritual warfare is a daily battle and for some can be severe. When this occurs we can there to offer support, suggest clergy resources and offer prayer teams to assist in healing. It is our intention to investigate and clear any and all suspicions of any other causality before calling in clergy. Our combined years of experience can help find the peace you need in hope with prayer and swift action. Count on us, your Swords of St Michael team.

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